Every human being bonds with others around them. Secure believes in teaching about human attachment and its relevance to your life - one of the ways we are able to do that is with educational videos. Below you will find informative pieces on attachment theory and its theorists, brief demonstrations of the major research studies that contribute to the field, as well as user-friendly looks at neuroscience and what happens in the human brain when a person interacts in relationships. Looking for something you don't see on our resources? Just ask! Our counselors are passionate and ready to teach, as well as recommend additional resources.

Still-Faced Experiment, Dr. Edward Tronick, Harvard University

From our spouses, parents, and other caregivers, we need a responsiveness, engagement and acceptance! Non-verbal behavior s show whether another person is emotionally engaged and "present" with us. Both infants and adults react with primal protest of feeling disengaged from another human being. This experiment, out of Harvard University, demonstrates what attachment scientists and therapists call "angry protest" in an infant - the protest of disconnection from her mother. Watch this!

Dr. John Bowlby Discussing Attachment Theory

Dr. Bowlby is considered the founder of attachment theory, and his book trilogy on attachment in humans is the original resource on attachment theory.

Mary Ainsworth's Strange Situation

Mary Ainsworth, a student of John Bowlby, conducted studies on infant and early childhood attachment. Here's a brief demonstration of the "Strange Situation" scenario that has become a staple form of assessing the attachment relationship between a child and his/her caregiver.

Presentation on Meaningful Findings from Harry Harlow Monkey Experiments

While research of this nature is no longer considered humane, Harry Harlow contributed a great deal of valuable information on primate behavior - humans included! - and the nature of attachment bonds. This is a wonderful, brief student presentation on the meaningful findings of Harlow's experiments.

Harry Harlow's Rhesus Monkey Research

Harry Harlow's contributions to the field of attachment theory demonstrate the necessity of love and affection in primates - indeed in most mammals! Harlow's rhesus monkey experiments, while now considered inhumane (largely because of the findings of the studies themselves!), yielded essential information about how humans attach to their caregivers.

Sue Johnson, Ph.D. Talks About Her Book for Couples

Dr. Sue Johnson is one of the founders, along with Dr. Les Greenberg, of emotion-focused therapy. Dr. Johnson's work focuses on couples - romantic attachment relationships. Brief Interview of Sue Johnson, Ph.D. - Dr. Johnson describes her new book Hold Me Tight , the first book written for the general public. Hold Me Tight discusses intimacy and romantic attachments in couple relationships.

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