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Services Provided

Presenting Problems We Commonly Address

Adjustment Difficulties due to life transitions (moving, job stress/change, births and deaths, school transitions, etc.)
Adoption (International and Domestic post-adoption support)                
Anger Management                    
Anticipatory Grief/Terminal Illness
Anxiety or Fears                              
Attachment Disorders                  
Career Counseling
Child or Adolescent Disorders            
Chronic Pain or Illness                  
Dissociative Disorders                        
Domestic Emotional/Physical Abuse
Eating Disorders                        
Gay/Lesbian Issues                          
Grief and Loss                          
Guilt/Shame Related Problems

Harmful Thoughts/Behavior towards Others
Harmful Thoughts/Behavior towards Self (self-harm, "cutting," suicidal thoughts)
Impulse Control Disorders                  
Loss related to Infertility, Miscarriage, Stillbirth
Learning Disabilities                          
Life Coaching                            
Mood Disorders
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders                                         
Parenting Difficulties                                  
Personality Disorders
Premarital Counseling
Spouse/Partner Relationship Issues (Romantic Partners, Marriage, Cohabitating Couples)
Parent/Child Relationship Issues (young children, teens, and adult children)
"Mommy" Support (care for women in caregiving roles, both working/non-working)
"Daddy" Support (care for men in caregiving roles, both working/non-working)
Sleeping Difficulties/Disorders      
Emotional Problems from Sensory/Neuro Disorders (autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing, other neuro-related issues)
Social Anxiety                                
Separation Anxiety                      
Sexual Addiction
Sex Therapy                                    
Sexual Identity Issues                
Sports Performance Anxiety
Substance Abuse                        
Testing and Evaluation                    
Thinking Disorders                      
Trauma and PTSD
If you do not see your concern on this list, please give us a call. Secure is part of a large network of professionals, therapists, and agencies. We care about you and want to help. If necessary, we will help you find the appropriate help for your needs through our great community of helping professionals.

Types of Therapy Interventions We Offer

Individual Counseling

An individual, one-on-one session, in which you meet alone with your counselor, is the simplest service provided. A regular counseling session is 50 minutes in length and may involve other members of an individual's friends and family if the individual desires, gives advanced notice to the counselor, and the appropriate paperwork is compl. Adults, adolescents, and children may receive individual counseling, and if deemed helpful by the client and counselor, anyone may participate in family sessions once appropriate consent forms are completed. If necessary for the nature of the therapy work or to accomodate the number of participants in session at one time, counseling sessions may also be extended in durations beyond 50 minutes with prior scheduling and discussion of billing issues for extended sessions. In order to ensure that adequate attention is given to your emotional well-being and your therapy goals, no children are permitted at adult individual sessions.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling sessions are for premarital, cohabiting or married couples. A couple meets with one counselor for a regular 50-minute session. If necessary for the nature of the therapy work or to accomodate the number of participants in session at one time, counseling sessions may also be extended in durations beyond 50 minutes with prior scheduling and discussion of billing issues for extended sessions.

Counseling for Children and Adolescents

Secure's facility is equipped with play therapy and sand tray therapy resources for children. Our clinicians see people of all ages from 0 - 100! Sessions with teens are treated much like those we have with adults! 

Family Counseling

Family counseling happens when any combination of family members meets with a therapist. Regular family sessions are 50 minutes. Family sessions are frequently scheduled in extended durations in order to give every family member adequate attention. Activities and techniques are tailored to the unique ages, needs and issues presented for each family.

In-Home Therapy Sessions and/or
In-Home Intensive Interventions

Most of the time, effective change can happen by working with your counselor in the therapeutic office. From time to time, parents and therapist find that it is helpful to move to the home environment to reinforce, troubleshoot and intensify interventions in the family’s natural setting. When this happens, Vanessa Knight will form a specialized, customized treatment plan for your family that (1) moves the therapy session into your home environment and/or (2) intensely addresses specific times of day, behavioral/emotional issues, in-home parent training opportunities, observation about the family home setting, or other familiar sites (grocery store, for example); then Vanessa will walk through the interventions with you, to maximize the effectiveness of your parent training - "super nanny style" - only as a professional clinican. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a form of mental health treatment for 3 or more clients at one time. The clients in a group are not family members to one another; they are placed in a group together for treatment. Topics for groups at Secure vary based on demand. Groups are beneficial for interpersonal growth, feedback and understanding of how you relate to others and how others respond to you. Groups are facilitated by Secure's licensed professional counselors and generally meet regularly for 6-10 weeks. New groups are always forming. To get more information or apply for admission to a group, contact the Secure staff at (913) 735-3384.


As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one! Particularly helpful for couples and families, co-therapy involves two therapists working together with you in one session. Our Secure staff work together toward your therapy goals. While the cost of co-therapy is higher than regular counseling sessions because it involves double staff attendance, special rates apply. Your counselor may recommend co-therapy (asking another therapist to sit in on your session) as your treatment progresses if appropriate to helping you.


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